Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Support Cards 4 - Unorthodox Supports - Fiddle, Elise, and Kayle!

As for all of the Support-Cards I have added them to a compilation album here: and you can vote for what champions you want to see next by tweeting at me @SpellsyLoL


  1. thanks for these

    saw the spoiled version on twitter this morning which im sure was a shock for you!

    dont let it deter you

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  3. Need to add lisandra into the mix and Volibear.

  4. Excuse me, but what do you think of 9x AD reds, 9x armor yellows, 9x CDR glyphs and 3x GP10 Quintessences on Soraka? Would the CDR glyphs be worth it to reduce the cooldown of her heal?

  5. I actually have supported Elise a handful of times in Ranked games (Gold III-II). I won all the games and carried the team with on average, the most kills (didn't mean to unless adc died), small number of deaths and tied for the most assists. I would say that I typically build sightstone asap as well as kage's pick. The additional armor would help early, but I guess if you can get away with GP5 items, do it. I don't buy too many wards early as I just tell my adc to play more carefully and I constantly walk around to check for river ganks when I'm not in the lane bushes.
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