Monday, April 8, 2013

Support Cards 1 - Thresh, Nami, and Lulu

As for all of the Support-Cards I have added them to a compilation album here: and you can vote for what champions you want to see next by tweeting at me @SpellsyLoL


  1. just on the runes which give

    MR 6.93, Arm 12.69, 8.91 mp5 at 18

    is it not better to just run arm reds, 3 mp5 and 6 mr blues, 4arm and 5mp5 yellows

    MR 8.64, arm 13.83, 8.82 mp5 at 18 ?

    the yellow mp5s will scale slightly better at lower levels as well

    or am i missing something?

    1. This is in fact better, if you look at my first page on LoLking: and i put it in my ppt here:
      however, due to the accessible nature of these guides and the size restrictions i didn't include this, as most people dont have the ip to minmax these kinds of pages and such!

      but, i like where you are thinking :P

    2. Can we have pictures for the masteries too?

  2. Does the recent switch of thresh's pasdive from q to e not affect the level order?

  3. Oh man i like diz concept, "Supports Cards".
    It is a very good idea... you have more cards ? :)
    PS: Sorry for my english