Monday, April 8, 2013

Support Cards 2 - Reworked Karma, Sona, and Leona

As for all of the Support-Cards I have added them to a compilation album here: and you can vote for what champions you want to see next by tweeting at me @SpellsyLoL

I am also going to look at doing an extended mastery explanation for these first 6 supports and their builds (5/0/25, 15/0/15, 1/13/16, etc.) Look for that coming soon!


  1. I find Karma good against Sona, especially before lvl 6 - can use W to snare her or R W to snare and heal of the harass and burn flashes. I also skill up e when invading at lvl 1, it's like a weak version of locket/shureila for a team.
    I would like to see a card for zyra/janna
    ty, great guide

    1. Oh snap i never thought of that karma level 1 strat, that sounds pretty cool I will try that next time, same with the R-W on sona - I really like using that combo in lane as i feel the heal over time is really strong at low levels and has that great bait feel that I used to love on old karma.

      Also, as you and Namiko asked, the next 3 (im working on now) are going to be Janna, Taric, and Zyra i think. .. still up in the air whether i want to do zyra, fiddle, or alistar for the last one, but we'll see!

    2. Karma R W is so alike fiddles, she much more safer. ANd lvl 1 shield gives a whole team 300hp+ plus a bit of damage. Played Nami now for a bit, she is the probably the most positioning dependent support. I really underrated her.

  2. any chance of a janna quick quide next?

    and thank you so much for this. Really helpful to get some perspective again.

    Any chance of some theory craft shorts like some of your comments on reddit?